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                  Quality assurance, healthy and clean

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                  Shuizhiyuan science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a science and technology enterprise integrating design and manufacturing,&nbs

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                  Shenzhen shuizhiyuan Technology Co., Ltd.

                  Shenzhen shuizhiyuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology company integrating R & D, design and Engineering in Shenzhen. Under the companys industrial ultra pure water complete sets of equipment, bottled water complete sets of technical equipment engineering department and equipment manufacturing plant, is a set of design, manufacturing as one of the science and technology enterprises. The companys bottled water complete set technology engineering department is composed of expert groups of bottling technology, water treatment, air purification, bottling, capping and other disciplines. It is mainly engaged in the technical design of new bottled water plants for drinking mineral water, pur...

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                  For customers to solve the product water calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese precipitation, excessive fluoride, reduce nitrit

                  Function and function of multi media filter

                  Water source company is willing to provide you with the best quality and most reliable service

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